Construction Industry Solutions


GEOTrac’s fleet management solution is ideal for today's construction industry. Large scale projects requiring the coordination of several companies to complete a build is a challenge. Coordinating the hundreds of vehicles from each of these companies is an even bigger challenge. Not with GEOTrac.

Why GEOTrac ?

One web-based software application shared with several companies encourages the sharing of resources. One detailed map showing multiple companies highlighted by color, allow Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies to quickly monitor the activity for an entire project.

The EPC can grant various privileges to contributing companies to simply view their own fleet, the entire project or only those companies working together. The EPC can also only allow view only, view and edit or full administration rights to any company.

The EPC can also provide complete reporting on the entire project or company by company. This is a powerful tool for any project manager expected to manage costs, timelines and supplies.

Combining GEOVision with the Asset Control Center is ideal for any large scale project that requires fleet management, reliable communication and lifeline services.