Mining Industry Solutions


In 2009, Canada was responsible for at least 15 to 20 percent of the world's diamond production, ranking it third in world diamond production by value, after Botswana and Russia. GEOTrac is well-suited for the mining industry as it expands rapidly in Northern Canada. Situated in remote areas beyond the reach of any cell phone or affordable communications, GEOTrac can provide mines and service companies with affordable two-way text messaging and global positioning systems.

Features from GEOTrac for mining includes:

  • Accurate longitude and latitude coordinates for tracking trucks, equipment and personnel in the field
  • Monitor fuel consumption of trucks using speed alert reports
  • Improve safety on roadways and ice roads by reducing speeding
  • Reduce the cost of lost leased/owned equipment using track and trace
  • Take advantage of the PERF button which eliminates unexpected radio frequency detonation of explosives
  • Manage the activity around highly secured areas using geo fencing