Transportation Industry Solutions


The trucking industry faces daily challenges of keeping their drivers safe and shipments secure. Whether traveling on an ice corridor in the Canadian North or crossing the deserts of Kuwait and Iraq, danger can be just around the corner.

GEOTrac is helping trucking companies pinpoint their fleets and equipment at any time, day or night. Using a sophisticated network of low-earth-orbit satellites that circumnavigate the earth every 100 minutes, GEOTrac provides exact longitude and latitude coordinates, status of the engine and speed. All important information when working in remote and harsh climates.


Tracking trains on a railway may be less valuable than tracking the precious cargo they carry. Often, companies need various methods of transport to get their equipment from point A to point B.

GEOTrac is truly a global provider of tracking and tracing shipments that travel from train to ship to truck. Shipping custom gas pipe from Russia to Northern Canada requires a massive coordination of logistics. This is only possible with the help of services like GEOTrac.


How do you lose a ship? Not as hard as you might expect. One of the biggest challenges for companies sending equipment by ship is the delays that can happen when shipping companies want to maximize their load and hold departures. You'll always know what ship your cargo is on but you may not know how long a ship is in port.

GEOTrac is working on a solution to give shippers, visibility of their cargo as soon as a ship arrives and unloads cargo at port but also in-transit visibility.

We also have a great solution for smaller vessels such as tugboats and barges. We provide tugboat captains working in remote areas, the ability for two-way communication via text messaging. Rather than using expensive and sometimes unreliable satellite phones, many companies need a more cost effective solution.

We have demonstrated using current customers, our innovative solutions for barges such as Northern Transportation Company Ltd. The 4,200 kms of the McKenzie River is challenging to navigate. NTCL and GEOTrac have it covered.