GEOTrac-Asset Control Center

Manage Your Mixed Fleet Operations!


At GEOTrac’s core is the web-based Asset Control Center. The Asset Control Center showcases the most detailed and interactive mapping application for the oil and gas, mining, construction and forestry industries. Complete with more than 830,000 kilometers (515,000 miles) of mapped private lease roads and other roads outside the public network from Alaska, across Canada, to Texas, millions of searchable survey grids, oil & gas wells and facilities Point2It is the most comprehensive Energy web map available in the world and is a critical tool for effective management of your field operations.

The Asset Control Center combines the detail of Point2It with the GEOTrac Messaging Center. Dispatchers can easily pinpoint a vehicle or branch of vehicles and send a dispatch or message directly to the vehicle, even when out of cellular range. Quick View provides dispatchers, safety managers or operation managers with the status of active trucks for dispatch or sending a message.

GEOFencing by LSD, marker, or location is standard with the Asset Control Center. Unique to GEOTrac is the ability to GEOFence by private road segment. Now dispatchers can be notified when a vehicle crosses the virtual perimeter, road segment by road segment. This is important on private lease roads when speeding can jeopardize a service contract.

Reporting Service is a very important part of the Asset Control Center. Companies can view, assess and integrate location-based information that is critical for business decisions. Fleet utilization, fuel consumption, speeding infractions, fuel tax rebates, preventative maintenance, and emergency response are all available with GEOTrac’s reporting service. Beyond track and trace GEOTrac’s systems provide critical insight into Utilization and Productivity, Safety, Legal & Industry Compliance, and Maintenance.


  • Web Based Portal - accessible anywhere over the Internet
  • Point2It Web Mapping - Global Leader in North American Lease Road Mapping
  • eDriver Logs® for Electronic Hours of Service
  • Messaging Center
  • Real Time Alerting, GEOFencing
  • Comprehensive Reporting Suite
  • Speed and Safety Management Systems
  • Dispatch
  • Employee and Driver Management Systems
  • Fleet Maintenance Module
  • Certification Management, Tracking, Pre-expiry Notification
  • Third Party Systems Integration and Comprehensive Web Services


Web based application compatible with all current browsers.


Current CSS compliant web browser, Asset Control Center login credentials.