GEOTrac Dual Mode Solution


Reliability and productivity are the cornerstones of this solution. Reliable satellite network coverage ensures your field workers are in constant communication with safety personnel while working alone in remote areas. In tandem with the satellite modem is the high-speed cellular modem that transmits large amounts of data quickly between the field and the office. Now drivers can have the assurances of being safe in the field, while working efficiently using high-speed computing right from their tablet or laptop, it’s the best of both worlds.

GEOTrac combines the security of a global satellite network with the speed of a 4G cellular network. Ideal for safety applications in the oil and gas industry, the Dual-Mode solution from GEOTrac provides peace-of-mind to safety managers responsible for workers on a lease site. Two-way text messaging and personal safety monitors connected to the satellite network mean you’ll never have to worry about losing touch with your field workers again. The solution includes state-of-the-art technology that detects signal strength from the nearest cellular tower.

If the cellular signal strength is strong, communication is transmitted across the cellular network. If the cellular signal is not optimal, the Dual-Mode Solution will intelligently switch to the global satellite network. Once a cellular signal resumes to optimal, the solution switches back to the cellular network. Seamless Switching is what it is all about.

The Dual Mode Solution is the most cost effective approach to reliability and productivity.

Customers can now add an Iridium-based dual mode accessory to the CELLULAR device in order to have full coverage with the backend office at all times.

  • Simple Serial Connection to main CELLULAR modem
  • Smart, cost-efficient, Network Switching in real-time
  • Highly Flexible Message Matrix
  • Ability to pick and choose what messages can be transferred over the SATELLITE channel, and what messages get stored and forwarded (based on priority/type of message)
  • CELLULAR modem can store up to 6,000 messages when it goes out of cellular coverage
  • Different Antenna configuration
  • Covert GPS-GSM/HSPA + single mode IRD external antenna
Flexible Message Bundles Available (Contact your local GEOTrac Rep for pricing)
  • Safety Package
  • All PSM messages
  • All OoTN messages
  • Distress message
  • Speeding / Excessive Speeding / Aggressive Acceleration / Harsh Braking / Collision Detection
  • Communication Package
  • Safety Package Data
  • All Driver ID messages
  • All 2-way Text Messaging
  • AVL Data Package
  • Safety Package Data
  • All AVL Data: Ignition on/off, Start, Stop, Schedule Message, Heartbeat, Modem Test, PERF on/off
  • Package is only available for AVL-only solutions: no ECM, iButton, or Garmin
  • Full Tracking Package
  • Safety Package + Communication Package + AVL Data Package


Cellular Features
  • HSPA
  • Diversity antenna
  • Ethernet, Serial, USB and WiFi (5830 model only)
  • Reliable Always‐on cellular link
  • Rugged industrial design
  • Remote diagnostics, configuration and updates
  • 3 Analog inputs, 4 Digital inputs, 3 Digital outputs
  • IPsec VPN multiple tunnel and 3DES|AES up to 256‐bit Encryption
Satellite Features
  • Add support for the Iridum 9602 satellite transceiver
  • Works with the current auto-detection frame work, so it can be connected to any of the modem’s serial ports
  • Implement location poll command, allowing a customer to request the location of an asset
  • Provide full integration with both PERFv1 and PERFv2
  • Implement Iridium Link Check message, allowing installers to confirm the Iridium modem works
  • Flexible IRD Eligibility Matrix that allows for several Pricing Packages (Safety, Communication, AVL, and Full Tracking)
  • Seamless switching between Cell and SAT channel


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