Economical GPS Track and Trace


The GEOTrac-2620 modem is GEOTrac’s most economical solution for oil and gas customers who need basic GPS track and trace capabilities. Combined with the industry’s best oil and gas lease road map and rich reporting features, the GEOTrac-2620 provides an end to end solution for fleet management.


Fleet Management
Low-cost, lots of data. GEOTrac provides a reliable fleet management solution that pinpoints location of each vehicle in the fleet using GPS.
Getting Specific
GEOTrac employs an enterprise HSPA data modem connected to a standard laptop or mounted screen to display custom oil and gas mapping and reporting. Full track and trace as well as dispatch to lease sites makes sense using LSDs. Better productivity and improved safety are just two of the benefits of GEOTrac’s service.
Custom Mapping
Track your vehicles using Google satellite imagery, industry road data or a combination of both. GEOTrac provides you with customizable maps including site and road markers, document publishing and geofencing of work areas and roads.
  • Activity — location based information
  • Maintenance — schedule servicing
  • Operations — engine telematics
  • Alert — distress and speed
  • IFTA — government fuel tax
Asset Control Center
GEOTrac’s Asset Control Centre 3.5 is the cornerstone of GEOTrac’s software platform. The easy-to-use service combines custom mapping, key reporting, two-way messaging, employee management and dispatching.
  • Key performance reporting
  • Variable interval truck tracking
  • High-throughput cellular network
  • Global positioning
  • Web-based Asset Control Centre
  • GEOFence to area/road
  • Hybrid satellite imagery/road data
  • Customizable mapping


Current CSS compliant web browser, Asset Control Center login credentials.