GEOTrac-Display.4® Give drivers the freedom to be more productive.


The fast, friendly and flexible GEOTrac-Display.4® gives drivers the freedom to directly impact overall fleet performance. Display.4 is a powerful in-cab PC that runs all of our performance-enhancing applications and yours. Display.4 is driver-friendly— personalized to driver preferences with a 7-inch touch screen, stylus and on-screen keyboard. And Display.4 is fast, 1 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM and Windows Compact 7. But flexibility is what truly sets it apart. Freedom meets productivity with the GEOTrac-Display.4®.

  • Secure fleet-managed wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access and web browsing
  • Sunlight readable 7-inch touch screenwith on-screen keyboard and stylus
  • Powerful 16 GB iNAND flash memory + SD Card expansion with Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS
  • Small, lightweight, portable and wireless
  • Equipped with optional camera, signature capture, bar code scanner
  • Customizable to driver preference and easily expandable to new and custom applications
  • Extremely durable—temperature, environmental and ruggedness tested

Display.4 delivers powerful performance, both inside the cab and out. Big power boost. Move data from the front office to the back office faster than ever before. 512 MB of RAM and 120 GB hard drive with Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS runs performance-enhancing applications.


Summary Report
  • In-Cab Navigation
  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Automated Workflow
  • Routing Integration
Supply Chain Communication
  • Messaging
  • Dispatch Integration
Performance in hand
Display.4® is lightweight, portable and wireless. It allows drivers to:
  • Capture signatures for proof of delivery
  • Scan bar codes for inventory management
  • Take photos of damaged goods or equipment
  • Capture inspection data
End-to-End Vehicle Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
Safety, Security & Compliance
  • eDriver Logs®
  • Automated Fuel Tax
  • In-Cab Training
  • Onboard Event Recording®
  • Speed Monitoring
GEOTrac-Display.4® is personalized to preference and easy to use.
  • Customizable. TABLET can be designed to specific preferences—and simple to add new and custom applications.
  • Easy to use. Sunlight readable 7-inch touch screen with stylus and on-screen keyboard makes navigation easier for the driver.
  • It’s a PC. Consider Display.4® the driver’s personal computer. Wi-Fi means the freedom to browse the Web, send emails and more.
Extreme durability
It has been tested to the extremes on environment, temperature and durability.


Asset Control Center credentials.