GEOTrac-Out of Truck Notification

Unique to GEOTrac!


GEOTrac-Out of Truck Notification is a timer-based lifeline service that enables remote workers to safely leave their vehicle while working on site. Connected to GEOTrac, a mobile data terminal can be quickly programmed by the driver to monitor the time a driver expects to be away.

Once the countdown has been activated in the vehicle, a back-up timer is also activated at a remote GEOTrac server offsite. If an incident occurs on site, the remote server will continue to count down.

As the timer is about to expire, an extremely loud siren which is connected to the GEOTrac modem, notifies the worker that their working session is about to expire unless the timer is reset. If the worker does not return in time, the siren will alert the worker it has sent a distress message through the wireless network to the safety manager.

The distress message can also be forwarded to additional resources as back-up such as an area manager, 24 hr. call center or direct to emergency response services.

The Out of Truck Notification lifeline service is a two-way service. If a safety manager needs to reach a remote worker outside of cellular range, the safety manager can activate the vehicle’s siren notifying the driver to return to the vehicle for a message. * OOTN lifeline feature requires satellite or dualMode


Fail-safe work alone service called Out of Truck Notification. Even with your vehicle turned off, the Out of Truck Notification is actively monitoring your time away on a job site.

  • Reliable, dual-path alerting
  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • Long-range siren
  • Flexible pre-set time options
  • GPS activated session termination
  • Accurate GPS location messages
  • Full track and trace AVL
  • Detailed private lease road mapping service including LSD
  • Two-way text messaging between drivers, dispatch and driver
  • Immediate one-touch distress messaging
  • Low-power consumption during monitoring session
  • Distress message forwarding via email or SMS text message
  • Distress message alert at dispatch message centre of Asset Control Center
  • Military grade satellite network
  • High-powered, low-profile dual GPS/communication antenna
  • Always-in-coverage, low-earth-orbit satellite for remote worksites
  • Dispatcher initiated messaging to remote worker using siren sequence


Out Of Truck To Satellite Overview


GEOTrac TABLET or Garmin with PatchTrac, GEOTrac modem, account at GEOTrac Asset control center.