Connector for Your Garmin PND


Combines a powerfully detailed LeaseMap with the Routing and Messaging Capabilities of Garmin and complete Fleet Management of GEOTrac. Using a fleet management interface cable, drivers can now take their existing Garmin personal navigation device and connect it to a GEOTrac modem. GEOTrac combines the “Where am I” with the “Where are they”.


PatchTrac Highlights:
  • Driver Identification – single signon driver ID. Ideal for Journey management solutions and managing driver behaviour. Driver ID is featured throughout relevant management reports providing better visibility for safety and productivity
  • Text Messaging – send and receive dispatch or driving instructions. SMS-style messaging allows drivers to stay in constant communication with central dispatch
  • Ability to set Preset Messages to cut down on typing common messages – Out of Truck Notification (OOTN) timer messages can be used to start a timer in the data modem for a driver to be out of the truck during work alone sessions. A siren in the vehicle is triggered when the timer expires notifying the driver. The dispatcher is also notified of the alarm via the data modem.
  • Dispatching Integration – stop coordinates can be sent to the Garmin device and sorted to achieve the fastest route. Route waypoints can be customized by fastest time, shortest distance or other criteria
The Garmin personal navigation device also provides:
  • In-Vehicle navigation – combined with GEOTrac’s LeaseMap, drivers can search and route to LSDs, oil and gas facilities and private lease roads
  • Route management – PatchTrac will find the best route to a given destination, saving time and fuel costs
  • Location lookup – addresses and cities can be looked up and navigated to – when coupled with LeaseMap, this includes LSD lookup
  • Points of Interest – each PatchTrac device maintains a list of points of interest (e.g. food, lodging, hospitals), displaying those closest to the current location, route, or destination


PatchTrac Cable


Multiple termination options available.


Garmin PND, GEOTrac Cellular or GeoTrac Satellite modem, account in GEOTrac’s Asset Control Center.