GEOTrac-Personal Safety Monitor

Reliable, Lifeline!


GEOTrac has launched one of the most reliable and fail-safe products for the oil and gas industry. It is called the “GEOTrac-Personal Safety Monitor” or PSM.

Intrinsically safe for class 1 div 1 equivalent environments, the Personal Safety Monitor is ideal for work alone situations where hazardous materials such as sour gas is present.

Complete with motion sensor and active distress alerting, the Personal Safety Monitor will monitor movement of the user in the event of a man down situation.

Connected to a data modem and antenna in the vehicle, the Personal Safety Monitor wirelessly connects to the modem. Depending on field conditions, the range of the Personal Safety Monitor can reach up to 500 metres from the vehicle. The Personal Safety Monitor is equipped with auto-ranging. The pendant is in constant communication with the modem to determine whether it is in coverage. A sequence of LEDs, audio beeps and vibrations will warn users that they are about to go out of range.

Worn either around the neck or connected to the hip, the Personal Safety Monitor is a powerful, light-weight pendant that is easy to use and ruggedized for harsh environments.


  • Intrinsically Safe: IS
  • Man down motion sensor-60 secs. motionless
  • One-touch distress alerting
  • Auto-ranging: out-of-range alert
  • Low battery indicator
  • Driver Identification
  • Two-way message acknowledgement
  • Light-weight, low-profile in size
  • Available on global satellite and cellular networks
  • Provide GPS coordinates for locating by emergency response
  • Competitively priced
  • Leather hip case and lanyard
  • Wireless communicator on modem included
  • Vehicle track and trace


GEOTrac modem and Asset Control Center credentials