GEOTrac-Radio Frequency

Suspend Button


Modem RF Suspend Feature

GEOTrac’s Radio Frequency Suspend feature will protect employees from accidental detonation of radio frequency explosives used to perforate the earth’s crust during drilling for oil and gas.

The Occupational Health and Safety Department of the government has stringent rules for companies to adhere to when onsite at a drilling work area. They have mandated that no company personnel or vehicle can be within a determined radius of a well site while perforation work is being conducted, if they have active radio frequency devices.

An inspector is on hand at all times to ensure these regulations are kept by inspecting each vehicle, and turning off all communication devices.

For the first time, GEOTrac has developed a solution for PERF, which minimizes the risk to companies and their employees. Professionally engineered and tested, the PERF Safety feature is in the field helping companies comply with government regulations.

The assembly was designed and developed by several of GEOTrac’s engineering team who specialize in wireless communications. The PERF Safety feature is wired directly to the cellular modem and prevents any and all radio frequency transmissions from the modem to the network overhead.

A complex algorithm was programmed for the firmware residing on the modem to accept the commands from the PERF assembly. Once the PERF button is pressed the modem is prevented from sending or receiving transmissions. A bright red LED is lit while the PERF Safety feature is “On”. Drivers can easily determine whether they are protected or not.


  • One-touch RF suspend
  • Light indicator for dash indicating status
  • Modem continues to operate with GPS signals that are on a different frequency bandwidth than RF
  • Automatic RF engaged using GPS coordinates indicating a 1000 meter distance from initialized location
  • Automatic engaged RF prevents drivers from turning off RF for modem to prevent tracking
  • Reliable and secure method of ensuring RF suspension
  • Reduces liability of driver and company during perforation of drill sites
  • May reduce insurance premiums for company using the RF suspend Button
  • Reporting of modem status can verify that RF suspension had occurred as expected

Conceptual Diagram


GEOTrac Cellular or GEOTrac Satellite modem.