GEOTrac-eDriver Logs®

Manage safety and compliance without the paperwork.


GEOTrac-eDriver Logs® automates hours of service while reducing violations and improving driver efficiency and safety. This easy-to-use program gives commercial fleet owners and drivers real-time access to the information they need to better manage hours of services risk and exposure. Plus, eDriver Logs requires no additional hardware or software.


Save time. Eliminate safety risks.

Improve your bottom line.
Eliminating paper logs by upgrading to eDriver Logs® is not just about saving trees. It’s about pinpointing violations before they are made. It’s about eliminating safety risks by knowing how many hours your driver actually spent driving versus being on-duty. It’s also about staying ahead of the game by having a snapshot of your driver’s profile including company terminal trailer and vehicle information instantaneously. Paper logs do tell you some things, but won’t tell you anything in real-time. Plus the electronic, easy-to-read grid is always complete and displays driver log information for as many days as you need to see it. Hours of service information can be viewed in real time from inside the cab and from your back office.


Driver Summary
  • Off Duty, Sleeper Berth, Driving, On Duty
  • Summary of 6-12 months of driver log records
  • Used for internal audits
  • Helps to review driver performance
Daily Log Summary
  • View available driver hours in real-time
  • View miles traveled, off-duty, sleeper berth, driving on-duty, total on-duty, total on-duty per the regulation, available driving, available on-duty and hours gained
Violation Summary
  • Summary of an individual driver or group of drivers’ violations
  • Full reporting within the compliance retention period (6-12 months)
Driver Log
  • Snapshot of your driver’s profile
  • View available hours of service, duty status changes made and any violations received
  • Includes detailed graph of all driver duty statuses
  • Flexible PDF and file printing capabilities
  • Full reporting within the compliance retention period (6-12 months)
Miles Without Hours Summary


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